Usefulness of MCX SPAN Margin Calculator

Now get to know your margin requirements even before you trade!! Technology has made it possible for the brokers to provide traders with MCX Span margin calculator. With the help of span margin calculator, commodity traders can know their margin requirements beforehand and arrange for funds and can plan their multi-legged commodity trading strategies accordingly. The initiative of providing MCX SPAN Margin calculator to their clients are spearheaded by leading discount brokers like SAMCO Securities, which is armed with latest technology to empower their clients at a click of the mouse. It is a gigantic leap forward by the broking house towards becoming client centric and keeping 100% transparency in broking practices.

Every trader has a strategy in place to make his trades. Traders develop their strategy based on the availability of funds and their capacity to bear losses. Now, with the help of MCX SPAN Margin Calculator, traders can get to know the margin requirements which would be applicable on the trades which they would make, beforehand. This will in turn help them to efficiently develop a strategy which can be effectively executed to earn profits may it be through arbitrage or speculation. Also, the trader would comfortably be able to manage the funds flow requirement and prevent them from taking pre-mature exit because of unexpected margin calls due to draw downs in the account because of price fluctuations. The present shift of arming clients with transparent and efficient tools has brought a paradigm shift in favor of customers and smart traders have already started shifting their accounts to tech savvy brokers. A few of the discount brokers in India have started providing clients with most of the tools which will in some or the other way help the traders trade effectively and minimize their losses due to premature exits. For example the MCX Span margin calculator below shows the margin requirement of Rs 1,34,005/- to buy one lot of one Kilogram Gold contract for April 2015 expiry.

MCX Span Margin Calculator

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The great transition has begun, smart traders are moving out from the traditional brokers to the more new age tech-savvy brokers who arm their clients with almost every intelligent tool at a click of the button. It’s time to change and embrace brokers who are ahead in technology and trade smartly by being ahead of the crowd. Welcome to SAMCO!!


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