A Brand-New SAMCO Referral Program

SAMCO Referral Program

SAMCO Referral Program

It pays to have friends! 🙂

With the Brand new SAMCO Referral Program, you can gift your friends some free trades, get free trades yourself and yes – earn 10% of the brokerage they pay lifetime!

What’s new in this Program?

Well, here’s how it works:

  1. You CONTINUE to get 10% of your friends Brokerage FOR LIFE! (You can calculate your earnings on the Associates page)
  2. For every friend you refer, we’ll gift your friend 20 free trades on your behalf.
  3. You get upto 20 free trades for every free trade your friend makes.

And what does your friend get?

  1. 20 FREE TRADES on Opening an ACCOUNT.
  2. Astronomical savings in brokerage.
  3. Becoming a part of India’s most vibrant & dynamic trading platform the ITL.

It’s a WIN-WIN for you and your friends!

To make it easier for you to get your free trades, we have made a few changes to the STAR Back Office. Here is to go about it:

  1. Login to your Back Office Account.
  2. Click on the Referral Centre.

Referral Center

This will take you to the Referral Centre

  1. You have multiple ways to invite friends & family to SAMCO
    • Via Gmail & Yahoo!
      • Just click on your email provider’s link and enter your credentials.
      • Authorise the ITL.



Once imported, you can import, select contacts to invite and click the +Invite Selected Button.

We will send emails with a unique URL to your friends. Any friend that uses the link will be considered referred by you.

  1. Apart from E-Mail contacts, you can also post a unique link on Facebook & Twitter! 7
    • Enter your credentials and authorise the App.


  • Now anyone who uses the link will be considered referred by you!
  1. If you want us to personally get in touch with your friends, simply enter their details in the Box on the right and we will take care of the rest.


You are done!

There are NO CAPS on the number of friends you can refer. In fact you can create a nice stream of income by simply referring friends & family.

Now that your friends are on the ITL, how do you go about viewing your friends referred by you and claiming your free trades?

In the Referral Centre, below the “Refer” box, you can see a list of friends referred by you and free trades received from them individually along with a summary of free trades received and utilised.


To claim your free trades & referral earnings, simply click the claim button. You will be able to claim your refund for free trades only once your amount crosses Rs. 100. Also, refund claims will be directly credited to your ledger account within 7 working days.


And don’t worry in case you have forgotten something. You can take a tour of the Referral Centre in the SAMCO STAR any time! Or give us a call and we will be glad to help you!

Note – This referral program is only available for the existing registered customers. So in case you want to join this program, you’ll first need to open your account and then can start referring.

Happy Trading!


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