Indian Trading League – Season 2

Dear All,

We thank all our participants for a hugely successful Season 1 of the Indian Trading League.

Over the course of the year, we have received a lot of feedback from you’ll on the format, rules and prizes of the league. In Season 2, we’ve tried to incorporate a lot of your feedback and will continue to do so going forward as well.

Season 2 of the Indian Trading League begins on 1st May, 2016.

How is Season 2 different from Season 1?

  • Formats of the League
    • Introduction of 2 new leagues – The Royale League and The Student’s League. For full details refer –
    • The Royale league has been introduced for traders trading with capital in excess of Rs. 5 Lakhs in the annual league
    • The Student’s league has been introduced for our young participants below 27 years in age to showcase their trading talent
  • League Periods
    • Introduction of a Daily League Period in the Trader’s and Commodities League
  • New Rule additions to Season 2 – These rules have been introduced to bring in higher integrity to the league.
    • Max drawdown from funds deposited – 90%. So incase, the loss on capital exceeds 90%, the participant will be automatically disqualified from the league.
    • In case of multiple family members attain wining positions in any of the Leagues, only the Family member on top most position will be eligible for the Reward.
    • Intraday leveraged traders are now disqualified from the Investor’s League which is strictly for investors only. Investors using the Order types – CO and BO shall be auto-disqualified from the Investors League
    • Refer the full rules of the Indian Trading League at
  • Prizes
    • A total prize pool of over Rs. 1.6 crores+
    • A total of 2200+ winners to be awarded across different time periods and league formats
    • Refer the detailed prize schedule here –
  • A Prize for Everyone – ITL Medals
    • Every participant of the Indian Trading League now has the opportunity to participate and win Brokerage refunds and free subscriptions with the Indian Trading League Medals program.
    • Accumulate medals, level up from time to time as you improve your trading and achieve successes and get rewarded for your successes

We wish all our participants good luck and hoping everyone has a hugely profitable year going forward.

Happy Trading and Investing!

Team SAMCO and the Indian Trading League


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  1. Akhoke Pal

    Thanks for 2000 prizes, but, 5 Lakh for Traders League or MCX League is small. Prev 10Lakh-5-3 was good. Increase it if possible.

    • Jimeet Modi

      Thanks Akhokhe for your feedback.

      We have currently brought the Commodities and Traders league to complete parity unlike last year where there was a difference! Will take your feedback into consideration going forward.


    I am trading through HDFC Securities presently and holding Rs.15Lac shares of different companies. How to transfer them from HDFC Security to SAMCO?

    • Jimeet Modi

      To Transfer securities from your beneficiary Demat account with an Existing Depository Participant (DP) to your beneficiary with Samco Securities Limited

      You’ll need to instruct your DP to transfer the stock to your account by providing the following details

      Demat account
      Account Holder’s Name – Your Name
      BO Account Number – 12054200 followed by (Your 8 Digit SAMCO DP Client ID) Ex. 12054200XXXXXX52
      Depository Participant Name – Samco Securities Limited
      Depository Participant ID – 12054200
      Time Taken – Instant
      Cost – SAMCO charges are zero but your Depository Participant may apply charges

  3. Sunita Mishra

    I a a member of SAMCO. In today’s trading, I have collected 6 bronze medals, which I received in my mail from SAMCO. Are these honorary or is there some importance of the latter. Is there any further procedure required to participate in ITL 2 for intraday traders? How will the record of the medals be maintained in future trading sessions?

    Thank you

    • Jimeet Modi

      Hi Sunita,

      On Medals – Keep accumulating the medals and attain higher levels and get rewards. You can refer to the rewards of the medals program here –

      By way of the medals program, we will not only help you become a better trader but also reward you with Brokerage refunds and free subscriptions.

      You can refer to the entire record of your medals received in the SAMCO STAR Back Office – – Medals Menu -> Medals Details.

      And there’s no additional procedure required to participate in ITL 2.

      Hope this clarifies.

  4. Babu lala Sharma

    Gmail I had submitted all documents but my account information yet to receive.Please let me know what is the problem. After all clearance I will arrange fund online transfer.
    Thasking you.

  5. Rahul jaigaonkar

    Jimmet sir,my SAMCO id is DR1850 . there was an correction in my net asset value.. Which I have already complaint at you support dest.. But now two weeks went no result is given from samco side ..pls look into matter . This leading to dissatisfaction of your services .

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