NSE IISL rebrands its Indices – NIFTY 50 is the New Flagship Market Index.


With changing times NSE has also decided to change the names of all its indices with the flagship “CNX Nifty” now becoming “Nifty 50“. The word “Nifty” has been added before the name of each index (and replacing CNX in most of them) to take advantage of the brand name of Nifty in India. Also, CNX Nifty Junior has been names as Nifty Next 50.

Please search for the New Names while you add names in the Indices Watch in the SAMCO NEST Trader . Indices with the old names will not be visible anymore in the EXE Version.

Below is the list of the old and new names of the indices along witxzh their symbols:

Sr. No. Old Index Name New Index Names New Index Symbols
1 CNX Nifty Nifty 50 Nifty 50
2 CNX Nifty Junior Nifty Next 50 Nifty Next 50
3 CNX 100 Nifty 100 Nifty 100
4 CNX 200 Nifty 200 Nifty 200
5 CNX 500 Nifty 500 Nifty 500
6 LIX15 Nifty 100 Liquid 15 Nifty 100 Liq 15
7 CNX Midcap Nifty Midcap 100 Nifty Midcap 100
8 Nifty Midcap 50 Nifty Midcap 50 Nifty Midcap 50
9 CNX Smallcap Nifty Smallcap 100 Nifty Small 100
10 CNX Auto Nifty Auto Nifty Auto
11 CNX Bank Nifty Bank Nifty Bank
12 CNX Finance Nifty Financial Services Nifty Fin Service
14 CNX IT Nifty IT Nifty IT
15 CNX Media Nifty Media Nifty Media
16 CNX Metal Nifty Metal Nifty Metal
17 CNX Pharma Nifty Pharma Nifty Pharma
18 CNX PSU Banks Nifty PSU Bank Nifty PSU Bank
19 CNX Realty Nifty Realty Nifty Realty
20 CPSE Nifty CPSE Nifty CPSE
21 CNX Energy Nifty Energy Nifty Energy
22 CNX Infrastructure Nifty Infrastructure Nifty Infra
23 CNX Service Sector Nifty Services Sector Nifty Serv Sector
24 CNX Commodities Nifty Commodities Nifty Commodities
25 CNX Consumption Nifty India Consumption Nifty Consumption
26 CNX MNC Nifty MNC Nifty MNC
27 CNX PSE Nifty PSE Nifty PSE
28 CNX Dividend Opportunities Nifty Dividend Opportunities 50 Nifty Div Opps 50
29 NV 20 Nifty50 Value 20 Nifty50 Value 20
30 NI15 Nifty Growth Sectors 15 Nifty Growth Sect 15
31 Nifty PR1X Inverse Nifty50 PR 1x Inverse Nifty50 PR 1x Inv
32 Nifty PR2X Leverage Nifty50 PR 2x Leverage Nifty50 PR 2x Lev
33 Nifty TR1X Inverse Nifty50 TR 1x Inverse Nifty50 TR 1x Inv
34 Nifty TR2X Leverage Nifty50 TR 2x Leverage Nifty50 TR 2x Lev
35 CNX Nifty Dividend Nifty50 Dividend Points Nifty50 Div Point

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